John and Kim Henry have been married for almost 30 years and have been in ministry together for almost as long. John was a divorced police officer in Los Angeles, California, with three children, when they married. God dramatically saved and delivered them from alcohol, drugs, and extreme worldly lifestyles. The Henrys planted House to Home Church, a cell church network, about 16 years ago and are the lead elders there. They minister together in teaching, preaching, and personal prophetic ministry.

John’s Ministry Focuses:

  • Relational discipleship and spiritual fathering
  • Equipping, teaching and edifying every believer to see themselves as anointed ministers
  • Teaching on the gifts of the Spirit and releasing the same
  • Teaching and releasing personal and corporate vision
  • Planting house churches and raising up young leaders for new house church networks

Kim’s Ministry Focuses:                        

  • Prophetic worship: Training and releasing in the song and sounds of the Lord
  • The arts: Activating and releasing creativity within your church and community using various art forms and creative expressions
  • Healing through intimacy with God

Kim Henry has a passion to see the heart of God revealed in and through the arts. She loves to awaken and draw out the gifts and creative expressions of people’s lives, inspiring them in their own creative dreams and journey with God.  She teaches on “creative” evangelism, using different art forms and how to use the arts for marketplace ministry and reaching the lost.

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