Snuggle up with your family and read a Christmas book (or two!) this season. Click on “Reading list” to see a list of our favorite Christmas stories.

If you prefer not to read, but still enjoy a good Christmas story, click on “Picture book playlist,” which will take you to a YouTube playlist of Christmas stories being read aloud.


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Let this candle ornament remind you each year that Jesus came to earth as the light of the world. Use the felt pieces that came in your box, and follow the instructions given by Agnes on her website, Agnes Creates.
TIP: The shapes you cut out of the felt will take up most of the space in that piece of felt. The shape outline may need to go to the very edge of the piece!


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How do families celebrate Christmas in other cultures? How do families living in a new country celebrate Christmas? Those answers are in this interview between Cheree Shenk and Philip and Kerina Omondi.

Cheree and her family lived in South Africa for over 11 years, and they now live in the USA. Philip and Kerina Omondi are from Kenya, but they have also lived in India and Uganda. They currently live in Canada.


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Merry Christmas!

Весела Коледа!

Jwaye Nwel!

¡Feliz Navidad!

Celebrate Christmas around the world with these songs recorded by various DOVE family members.


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Christ came as light to the world at Christmastime. Our missionaries continue to bring that light today to the nations. Might God be prompting you to send a gift to encourage our missionaries in their service for Christ?


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