Going to Africa? That’s great!

Amazing things are taking place across this wonderful continent. We are pleased that you are considering serving and using your gifts as God expands His Kingdom.

For many foreigners, Africa may feel like a different world. Customs, expectations, and even church activities are very different. While there is opportunity for rich friendships to develop, there is also the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding. This booklet aims to help you understand the cultures you will encounter and navigate new situations. We hope the information will enrich your experience.

Much of the guidance in this booklet applies specifically to the East Africa region. While we acknowledge the tribal, national, and regional differences in culture throughout Africa, a good deal of the content may still prove useful to foreigners visiting anywhere in the continent.


Ways to use this book

  • Read this book before going on a trip to East Africa.
  • Use as a pre-departure training tool for group trips.
  • Use the basic English-Swahili vocabulary list to improve your communication while you are in Swahili-speaking areas.


How to order

Call 717-627-1996 or email . The suggested donation per book is $4.