Praying and Worshipping Together

Praying together allows us to hear what each other has faith for. It allows each of us to have a picture of each other’s relationship with the Lord, spiritual gifts and revelation. At the time of this writing, I will soon fly to be with pastors for the single purpose of doing a prayer retreat together. 

We will cry out, listen, worship Jesus, dream together, intercede for one another, seek God’s heart and plans, do prophetic hot seats and more. Our faith will be built and we expect to receive a clear direction for the next season that God has for us and our lives and our churches. This time is dear to my heart as I know the fresh life that can come out of extended times together in prayer and worship.

All in all, we expect to grow closer to God and each other. We expect to know how to carry each other in prayer going into the next season. We will learn what each of us is having faith for and what our concerns are. And most important God will build His word in our midst and we will have clarity about what He is saying for each individual, each ministry, and the broader ministry.

I truly am excited. It takes some intentional planning but it is well worth it. It is life-giving and refreshing. If you don’t have times scheduled to pray together with your church plant and your teams, I encourage you to make it a regular occurrence.

Merle Shenk serves on the DOVE International apostolic council and is the associate pastor of Newport Church