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Read Craig Nanna's blog on Creating an Atmosphere of Hunger & Passion in Your Church…Creando un Ambiente de Hambre & Pasión en Tu Iglesia

I have opportunity to minister in a lot of churches throughout the world. From the first note on the guitar or keyboard, I have found some churches coming alive in passionate worship because of their contagious love for Jesus. I have found that some places just pull the gift of God out of me as I speak because they are so hungry. But unfortunately, I also have been in places that feel like they are just going through some religious routine, that even dare you to entertain them if you can, and they sit there with a blank stare reflecting the coldness of their hearts inside. What is the difference between churches that are full of life and churches that are,well… not?? If you are a church leader, here are some things to prayerfully consider:

Continue reading Craig's blog or read in Spanish at craignanna.wordpress.com/2018/10/12/creating-an-atmosphere-of-hunger-passion-in-your-church-crean...
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4 days ago

DOVE International

The Justice Project Germany Leaps Forward!

Justin and Rawan Shrum, DMI missionaries, serve in southern Germany by operating a safe house and education center for women who are leaving forced prostitution. Recently, their organization was approved for funding in partnership with the European Union for a two-year research project. They will hire two employees for the project, which will begin in January 2019.

In addition, The Justice Project is positively positioned to be awarded a grant to hire two workers for a three-year period. Their responsibility will be victim identification directly in the refugee receiving center of their city. God has also provided perfect extra space right in the same building as their administrative office! This will allow the ministry to grow further in reaching those in desperate need.

For more information about The Justice Project go to: www.thejusticeproject.net/donate/
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6 days ago

DOVE International

Hope to the Pacific Entering New Season of Faith

As Dave and Alissa Smith, DMI missionaries, prepared to enter their third year of service in New Zealand, they prayed for more focused direction and received a word from God: "Don't leave this city. This city is your whenua (land), your home. The house I gave you is your house." Needless to say, this is the exact confirmation and encouragement that they needed to move forward into their third year with confidence. They welcomed a third child into their family in September.

Support this outreach in New Zealand here: doveusa.org/mission/3671/
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1 week ago

DOVE International

Join DOVE Canada Missions for Strategic Intercession and Renewal

November 17-22 will be an exciting time for DOVE Canada Mission as they offer a combined six-day event of intercession and renewal. A team of intercessors will spend three days in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where the prayer team will intercede in the community and on-site at The Garden Gate house church and the Quebec House of Prayer. The prayer will focus on church planting and ministry initiatives in this region of Quebec. Immediately afterwards, the team will spend three days participating in a guided retreat at a peaceful rural center near Ottawa, Canada’s capital. This will be a time of refreshing, replenishing and renewal for these DOVE prayer warriors! DCM is open to supporting prayer initiatives internationally as well.
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2 weeks ago

DOVE International

God is moving in Kenya!

Jesus Undoes Witchcraft Attack in Kenya! Peter and Irene, DOVE Missions Africa, serve among the Bajun tribe in Faza Island, Kenya. Peter teaches better-yielding farming methods and Irene teaches children. One evening in July, Peter and Irene were preparing for bed. Suddenly the bedroom lights went off and they heard the noise of someone trying to break in the window.

“Immediately I was being strangled by a demonic power,” Peter reported. “I managed to scream for help, but no one came and the struggle continued for a very long time. At last I was released; I knew that God heard our cries. Then I saw the form of a woman jump from underneath the mattress and crawl on the wall the way lizards do. I saw a huge wave come with a roar and carry her away into the ocean." Sometimes witches in that area require human life as payment for their services, and Christians are often the first target. Notably, a woman involved in witchcraft left the neighbor's house the next morning after having stayed in town for about a week. "They probably wanted to sacrifice us,” Peter concluded.

Many people, including the area chief, knew about the attack and have been asking Peter and Irene what “magic” they used to escape. They explain that the blood of Jesus is what saves and protects. As a result, many have wanted to hear more about Jesus. Thank God for what He is doing in Faza!
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