EMT (Evangelistic Missions Training)

EMT stands for Evangelistic Missions Training and has served as a transformational event in the lives of DOVE Youth for over 25 years. This missions training is designed to teach students “the normal Christian life” of outreach, love, and relationship with God. We do this through key teachings followed immediately by outreach. High schoolers experience a paradigm shift as they discover missions isn’t just something they do, but it is actually who they are. This training and outreach is not easy, but we do know true life is behind your “yes” to Jesus!

Not sure what to expect? Read a full report and view pictures from EMT 2021 , 2022 and 2023.

International Missions Opportunities

Short-term teams: Each year we send out multiple teams of youth to the nations! The locations and focus of the teams change each year. Plans for the summer of 2024 are underway. Click here to see what opportunities are ahead in 2024! Attendance at EMT is strongly recommended as a prerequisite for any short-term international mission trips.

Long-term missions: Have you sensed a call from God to serve in missions internationally? We would love to help you determine where, when, why, and how! Contact DMI@dcfi.org to start the conversation!