EMT: Evangelistic Missions Training

August 6-9, 2020

EMT stands for Evangelistic Missions Training and has served as a transformational event in the lives of DOVE Youth for over 25 years. This missions training is designed to teach students ‘the normal Christian life’ of outreach, love, and relationship with God. We do this through key teachings followed immediately by outreaches in downtown Reading, PA. High schoolers experience a paradigm shift as they discover missions isn’t just something they do, but it is actually who they are. This eight-day training and outreach will not be easy, but we do know your greatest life is behind your ‘yes’ to Jesus!

Ready to sign up? Click on the button below to get started! The sign-up deadline is July 16th.

COVID-19 Response

This year, due to the uncertainty of this season, EMT 2020 has been moved to August 6-9, 2020. Unfortunately we have canceled Phase 2, which typically follows the first 4 days of EMT. We feel called to the city of Reading, and know that this a significant season to carry the hope of Christ to the city. We look forward to gathering with you in August! Thank you for your flexibility.

“EMT was one of the greatest weeks of my life” – 2019 EMT student
“I wish I could spend the whole summer at EMT” – 2019 EMT student

What to Expect!

God has a unique call on your life. Each day at EMT, we will teach you. We will pray for you. We will worship together. And then, we will send you out to do what you were just taught! After Jesus equipped his disciples, he sent them out “to proclaim the Kingdom of God.” Being sent activated their faith! At EMT 2020, we will bring hope to a city that has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic. This year, many of the outreaches will look a bit different, but it doesn’t change the mission – that the world would know Jesus!



EMT is for teens 13 to 18 years old who have a serious desire to live for God and reach our world. A youth leader must affirm that applicants are prepared for this challenging experience.


$210/person – Includes room, board, and a cool t-shirt 🙂

Sign-ups are online and should only take 10-15 minutes with a parent. Click on the button below to get started! The sign-up deadline is July 16th.

Questions? E-mail