Offense or Defense

Offense or Defense?   The other day as I was thinking on the events being played out around us, the chaos, the violence, questioning what is truth and what is distorted, feeling like the enemy is really attacking some areas, I felt the Holy Spirit say this: Remember, the Kingdom of God is always on [...]

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Of Course it Makes a Difference

Yes, it makes a difference! Sometimes we fall into the trap of seemingly insignificance. My thoughts really don’t count, my opinion does carry any weight, my passion really isn’t important in the long range scheme of things. Nothing can be further from the truth. Your thoughts do count, your opinion carries a lot of weight, [...]

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I Didn’t Have Time!

Time! We all have an unlimited supply as long as the Lord gives us breath. There is no such thing as “I didn’t have the time to……” You had the time. In fact you have 24 hours new and fresh coming at you tomorrow. So the issue isn’t that you didn’t or don’t have the [...]

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Your Influence Grows

You are an influencer! Like it or not, as a leader your actions influence others, either for the good or for the less than good. What you determine to be important will become more important to others! What you deem insignificant will become less important to others.   Society around us is in turmoil! I [...]

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Relationship is the Identifier!

  I have a precious friend who leads Breath of God, a DOVE Partner Church in Aberdeen, Maryland. I was on a video call with her and a number of other people discussing race and marginalization a few weeks ago. Dianne has a wonderful heart for the Kingdom and seeing people be all that the [...]

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What Can’t You See

What can’t you see?   As a detachment, I sometimes drive tractor and trailer as I find it relaxing, exciting and predominantly, just a lot of fun.  There are many things to be aware of while I am rolling down the highway with 80,000 lbs. I am keeping my eyes on a dashboard full of [...]

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Change! It means things will be different. How well we have experienced that in the last 2 months. One of the dynamics of change, and sometimes the hardest aspect of it, is that I need to let go of what was. While change does not mean a complete letting go of all that was, the [...]

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Change! With us it has been a consistent commodity in our ongoing development and strategy to reach nations. Many times I hear the phrase, the only thing constant is change!   To stay relevant to a society that is changing, you have to be changing with it. Not the truth of the message but the [...]

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I felt the Holy Spirt whisper to my spirit this morning the theme generosity. Normally when we think of someone being generous it is almost always with the connotation or tied to an understanding of money. But I felt the Holy Spirit say, “generosity in all things” or more succinctly be generous in everything you [...]

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Voice or Echo?

There is a big difference between being a voice and an echo. An echo merely repeats what is already being said. Word for word, same intensity, same focus, same volume, same expectation, same outcome, same.. same… same… It is easy to echo what someone else says as there is no attachment to your thought process. [...]

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