Expectations! Expectations are in every aspect of our lives. We have expectations on just about every aspect of our lives, from the traffic flow on the way to our destination this morning to the outcome of our investment in people’s lives throughout the years. And everything in between. We all carry expectations on what our [...]

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You are a Steward

We are all stewards of all that the Lord has given us. When we think of stewardship, most of the time, we relegate it to stewarding finances. But the truth is, it encompasses so much more than just money. We are stewards of our time, our spiritual gifts, our intellectual resources, our relationships, both with [...]

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It is Healthy to be Grateful

As we start a new year together, we are reminded of the goodness of God and so grateful to the Lord for His grace extended toward us on a daily basis. Mark Gerson writes in his book “The Telling” that Professor Robert Emmons of the University of California had his subjects spend nine weeks expressing [...]

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Time! We all assume that there are 24 hours new and fresh coming at us tomorrow. At least I do. And what I don’t get done today, tomorrow is another day where I can pick up where I left off. And we all know with a fact that we always have time to do what [...]

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The Important Ones

Have you ever developed a message/teaching and thought, it will be great when so and so hear this. What I have to share will really impact them and it will be so beneficial for them to take in the wisdom and insight that I am about to share. And then when the time comes, they [...]

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Your Future

Your future is not in front of you, your future is inside you and it is up to you to bring it out. Your future will not come to you, you have to pursue it and develop it. Someone said, “Well, if it is God’s will, it will happen.” Maybe, maybe not. If you have [...]

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That’s just the way it is!”   Too many fall into this fatalistic statement, buying into its limitations, accepting the inability of impact, while venturing on the side of mediocrity and  going with the flow! When you buy into this philosophy it does a number of things:   Releases you from responsibility to think differently [...]

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Pioneer or Late Adapter

There probably isn’t anyone, or very few people, in your congregation that doesn’t have a cell phone. I purchased my first one around 1988 for $650. It seemed to be an outrageous price for a phone back then, but it was cutting edge technology and I felt it would be extremely beneficial to Bonnie and [...]

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What I Know to Do

What I know to do is not to be confused with what I do!   I remember a phrase often repeated by my mother, “Ron, you should know better!” Maybe your mom said it to you sometimes. It was often spoken in reference to some silly or sometimes stupid thing I did to either get [...]

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One day or Day 1?

I am sure you have heard this quote or something like this one over the years, “Today is the best day to start something new!”   The difference is between the dreamers and the initiators. The “one day” or “someday” dreamers are excellent people to encourage us in the possibilities that the future holds for [...]

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