Why Should We Plant More Churches?

Small Groups multiply so churches should multiply

Anything that is healthy and possesses life is created with an ability to reproduce and multiply. Obviously, the examples in nature are endless (Genesis 1:28). In John 17:4, Jesus said He had completed the work that the Father gave Him to do. The Father has a similar work for each believer, each cell group and each local church. Each should multiply. A healthy cell group will grow and multiply into two cell groups. The same would then be true for a healthy local church. It will reproduce and plant other churches.

Church planting is the New Testament pattern

The New Testament church was a church planting movement. In Acts 2:37-47 the Jerusalem church was planted. In Acts 8:1-25 the Samaritan church was birthed. In Acts 9:20-22, the Damascus church came to life. Acts 9:31 reports churches throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria. In Acts 19:9, we find out about a church planting school Paul ran in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. And the list goes on—Joppa, Caesarea, Antioch—the book of Acts reads like a church planting manual.

Church planting develops new leadership

Churchplanting provides the opportunity for new and young leaders to stretch their wings and fly. We use the example of parents owning a house with different rooms. As they have children, each child may have a different room in the house to call their own bedroom. But there will come a time when just a room in their parent’s house is not enough. They will want their own house. Healthy parents will release their children to get their own place. It will be a stretching, learning experience for the children. Church planting allows our spiritual children to reach a new level of maturity they won’t reach if they continue to live in our house.

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Portions Edited from “Pathways to Church Planting” DOVE USA Church Planting Manual

Compiled by Brian Sauder

Brian Sauder currently serves on the International Apostolic Council of DOVE and directs the DOVE Training Schools. He and his wife Janet help to provide oversight and direction for DOVE churches in CanadaUSA and South Africa. Brian and Janet have over 25 years of experience in leadership of churches, small groups, youth groups, government and business.