Church planting prevents church splits

Could it be that one of the reasons that churches split is because the next generation of leaders is not released and sent out to establish its own churches? Insecure spiritual leaders frustrate developing leaders by not releasing them. What if the new church plant grew to be larger than the sending church? Frustrated by a glass ceiling, sometimes young leaders eventually leave disgruntled and take people with them.

When you send out a new cell leader, you are not always sure that he will be ready. It will sometimes be like this for church planters. In fact, they might not be ready, but the challenge of the church plant might be the very thing that will develop them to the next level of leadership. Remember, someone took a chance on us!


Church planting is efficient

Peter Wagner states, “There is no more practical or cost-effective way of bringing unbelievers to Christ in a given geographic area than planting new churches.” This statement is the result of extensive research and analysis of church growth. Church planting provides the infrastructure to support and maintain the fruit that is coming forth. Teaching the biblical financial principles of tithing and giving provides the substance to support the new church as it grows.


Church planting stimulates existing churches

A new church in an area tends to raise the spiritual interest of the people, and handled correctly, it can be a benefit to existing churches. Any new church that truly has the heart to reach a targeted community will want all the churches in the community to be blessed, prosperous and overflowing. Some of the new converts from church planting evangelism will go to the existing churches because they already have relationships there.

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Portions Edited from “Pathways to Church Planting” DOVE USA Church Planting Manual

Compiled by Brian Sauder

Brian Sauder currently serves on the International Apostolic Council of DOVE and directs the DOVE Training Schools. He and his wife Janet help to provide oversight and direction for DOVE churches in CanadaUSA and South Africa. Brian and Janet have over 25 years of experience in leadership of churches, small groups, youth groups, government and business.