Ministry Focuses:

  • Teaching & imparting evangelism
  • Recognizing, teaching and imparting fivefold ministry as a way of everyday life
  • Functioning in a gift of faith
  • Flowing with the Holy Spirit expecting signs, wonders and miracles
  • Nurturing a kingdom culture for long-term presence-based transformation
  • Training to equip and empower next generation leaders
  • Church planting/community outreach
  • Worship leader, multi instrument player/teacher

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Lee has traveled around the world and across the US with a passion to minister the Gospel of salvation. He loves to see people receive Christ, be delivered, healed, discipled and released into a life of ministry and service. Lee serves on the USA Apostolic Council. He and his wife, Teresa, have planted two thriving churches in central Massachusetts and started an apostolic network for churches within the DOVE family in the Northeast. As lead elders of Indian Lake Church in Worcester, Massachusetts, their mission is “Restoring Lives to God.”

Equipping Ministers List