Ministry Focuses:

  • Prayer and intercession
  • Hearing God’s voice
  • Missions
  • Leadership principles/leadership development
  • Team building
  • Proclaiming Christ in a postmodern world
  • Christians influencing society
  • Succession in Christian organizations

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Peter, originally from Great Britain, now lives in Pennsylvania, USA. He serves on the DOVE International Apostolic Council and is a member of the DOVE Europe apostolic team. His main responsibility is the director of DOVE Mission International, where he helps develop and send missionaries from the USA, both short-term and long-term. He has published works in the areas of church history, theology, leadership, missions, and cell groups. Peter holds a PhD in missiology from the University of Manchester, England. His doctoral research focused on founder succession within international Christian organizations and movements. 

Peter has trained multiple people to serve around the world, as well as trained and coached leaders in many nations to reach their kingdom goals.

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