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Justin and Rawan Shrum began The Justice Project for the purpose of working against the dark industry of human trafficking and specifically to help those who are being exploited or controlled within the European sex trade. They live in Germany and lead an international team that reaches out to women working on the streets and in brothels, identifying those who need help to leave the sex industry. The women in their care participate in a recovery program that focuses on helping them deal with the trauma of their past while preparing them for their future. Along with leading The Justice Project, they are also involved in teaching and preaching at a local discipleship school and in the local churches.


Rescued in Germany
 A 21-year-old pregnant woman stepped off the train in our city without any idea where to go. She was overwhelmed and exhausted after escaping traffickers in Italy. Now, surrounded by German speakers, she looked for someone who might speak English. She mustered up the courage to ask for help. It happened that the woman she approached was also a survivor of trafficking. Because we had helped get on her feet not long before, she knew exactly what to do. This soon-to-be mom had escaped a horrible situation, full of uncertainty and fear; she then walked into the serenity of our safe house. Please pray for this dear young mother and for others like her.


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Birthdays Justin 11/30, Rawan 10/27, Luke 6/2/08, Angelia 4/10/11, Lincoln 3/27/13
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