Joel and Marion work with House of Praise Church in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Their main focus has been leading the youth ministry at House of Praise. They also do different outreach programs, the most successful one being the Chain Breakers Cycle Club. This is a tool that Joel is using to mentor boys every Saturday afternoon. They also have breakfast once a month where the boys get to interact with the “uncles,” or the older men in the church. The reason for this is to cross both generations, and have the older men guide and mentor the young. Joel and Marion serve as elders at House of Praise. Their hearts’ desire is to see young men and women functioning in their gifting and calling.

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Birthdays Joel September 3, Marion November 19, Imani 2/4/10, Mercy 1/2/13, Christian 12/22/15, Hadassah 9/7/18

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Joel and Marion were guests on the Larry Kreider Leadership Podcast!