Missions Internship
Serve for six months in another nation!
Be trained  •  Serve overseas  •   Study along the way

The vision for DMI’s internship program is to:

  • See more young people engage in missionary service
  • Serve DOVE missionaries and churches around the world
  • Develop interns in cross-cultural awareness and communication


July 15 – December 10, 2022

For those seeking to develop their prophetic gift and/or work with children and at-risk youth

Ministry will vary according to your gifts and interests. It is likely to include:

  • Children’s ministry in the local home church every other Sunday
  • Attending weekly and monthly meetings with Bethesda House (prayer meetings, worship nights, prophetic art sessions, evangelism/outreach)
  • Attend a prophecy webinar and join a prophetic team with Bethesda House
  • Community outreach (such as an after-school program for at-risk youth)
  • Homeschooling the two Ottow children in
  • Helping the home school cohort of seven students
  • Helping the Ottow family in practical ways while Elnie and Ashley teach the Leading By the Spirit Course in October.



  • Startup cost $2,000
  • Monthly cost $1,165


Application deadline is May 23.