Thank you for participating on a DOVE Mission International mission team. If that’s you, we would love to read all about your trip! Please take the time to think back on each experience you had on this mission trip in order to answer the following questions. You may complete the form at the bottom of this page and submit it using the green “Submit Questionnaire” button. You can also download a form if you prefer to fill out the PDF or a paper copy. Submission instructions are within the document itself.



How to fill out this questionnaire

As you consider each question, think about the details that made your experience memorable. Many times people write about their mission trip and use sentences like “I grew spiritually” or “the community we served was blessed by our service.” These are not bad things, but if you find yourself writing vague statements like these, dig a little deeper and think about what specific experience brought that sentence to mind, and write that down! People love to read specific examples. Please share details, however small they might seem. See the examples to below to inspire you.


“Our team ministered to a group of children.”

“Our team shared the gospel with a group of children in a community center. We explained the gospel colors to them. For each gospel color, we gave the children a bead of that color to add to a bracelet as we explained the meaning.”

Even better
“A local community center invited some children to a service that our team had organized. After playing a few games with the twenty children that came, we presented the gospel to them. We explained the gospel colors and their meanings as the children created a bracelet with colored beads representing each gospel color. At the end of the service, one of the younger boys responded to the invitation to give his heart to the Lord.”

How we might use your testimony

  • Social media posts to DOVE Mission International and DOVE International
  • The DOVE International and DMI websites
  • The Mission News (a monthly missions newsletter published by DMI)
  • Future advertisements for short-term teams
  • Connection (an annual publication distributed to the DOVE leaders around the world)


Post-Trip Questionnaire

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The example below gives you an idea of how to fill out this section.
List three activities that your team did on this trip. Fill in as much information as possible with details. Use the examples given here for inspiration.

Where did this activity take place?
Community center in Santa María Cauqué

Who was there?
20 children and five adults from the community

What did you do?
Played games (parachute, toss a ball), shared the gospel colors using bracelets

What makes you smile when you think about this activity?
One little boy sitting front and center who slowly raised his hand to receive Jesus into his heart

Open-ended questions

Please give as much detail as you can.
Did you hear God’s voice and act on it? Did God speak to a heart issue that was then resolved? Did you discover one of your spiritual gifts for the first time? How did you know that growth was taking place?

This could be anything: speaking to someone new (possibly in another language), sharing your testimony, leading an activity, or even trying a new food.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.