Calvary Church in Holden MA is lead by Joe and Shelly Ford and an experienced elder team. They have experienced the presence of the Lord in a tangible way the past few months. They meet in small groups during the week in homes throughout the region and come together Sunday AM to celebrate and worship Jesus together.

They have a Brazilian Celebration in Portuguese on Sat nights lead by Maria Rueda. They are a multicultural congregation with a passion for the next generation to experience the power and life of Jesus. They also planted a congregation in Riverside, RI that is a growing church impacting young people.

Jen Ford leads the youth ministry and have a wonderfully anointed youth worship team that leads worship on a regular basis. Jen is doing a fabulous job of training and imparting into these young people and releasing them in ministry. Worship was passionate and drew everyone into the Lord’s presence.

If you live in the Holden or Worcester area, drop by and visit or if you would like more information check out their web site at