This report is given by Deryl Hurst who gives leadership to DOVE Westgate Church, in Ephrata, PA

We experienced some amazing healings at the DOVE Westgate Men’s Retreat this weekend. Below is a YouTube link to one of the more dramatic. As a result of a childhood injury, Jason had an arm that was at least an inch shorter than the other one. Tim called the shorter one out in Jesus name and it grew quickly and very clearly. Even more cool is that one of our guys was videoing it. For any skeptics, seeing is believing.

In another case I was praying for Carl’s shoulder to be healed (it was not immediately healed), however there was another Carl in the room. When I spoke the words ” Carl be healed,” instantly the other Carl was healed. He had also experienced shoulder surgery and had been somewhat disabled for many months.

Many legs grew out very, very clearly. Several backs and hip pain healed. It was a very faith building weekend!