This report is given by Joe Ford who gives leadership to Calvary Worship Center in Massachusetts.

“God is moving,” a joyful Joe Ford says of Calvary Worship Center. “People are getting saved and healed when we aren’t even having an altar call.” On a recent Sunday morning a newly-saved Christian brought seven family members to church. During worship, they all walked to the altar and gave their lives to Christ. At the same time, in another corner of the church, a woman, who a coworker had invited to church, gave her life to Jesus. In another corner, two teenagers who had been invited by a friend, rushed to the altar with tears streaming down their faces.

In recent weeks, it is common for people to be healed during worship services. “We’ve seen fantastic healings,” Ford said. Since the church’s inception in 1965, Ford said there has always been a trickle of people getting saved, but never before in these numbers. Ford takes no credit for the move of God. He said. “The Holy Spirit is really moving. It’s like people are responding because they have divine appointments with God.”

The weekly Wednesday evening prayer meetings are packed with people unlike the attendance in the past when only a few people attended.