Every year Reading DOVE has a  “Friend’s Day” where we invite our saved and pre-saved friends to come and enjoy outdoor worship, a cook-out together, and a water baptism in a nearby  lake.  This year, we had 21 people who testified of Jesus Christ in their lives through baptism—lives that were broken and in bondage to sin now set free and changed!  As we gathered at the lake for the baptism, I began to publicly share God’s Word for all to hear and swimmers and boaters and other onlookers began to gather with us.  As we began to baptize, a young man and woman in a canoe came up behind us as we prayed and prophesied over each one being baptized.  Finally, they  began to inquire about what was happening.  I simply shared with them that these individuals were being water baptized because they made a decision to follow Jesus Christ, and then I began to share the gospel with them and invite them to give their lives to Jesus as well.  The young woman acknowledged that she already had, but the young man quickly got out of his boat and came into the water and asked if he could receive the Lord.  That day, we led this young man named “Yoel” in the sinner’s prayer and then water baptized him- and he became the 22nd one on that day to testify of a new life in Jesus!  “Yoel” comes from the name “Joel” and I can’t help but think that this is the fulfillment of the prophet Joel that “in those days I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh”!  Let’s be ready!!

Craig Nanna