Amazing things have been happening at ILLC (Indian Lake Community Church) in Massachusetts.  We had our 2nd annual out reach 2 weeks ago where we invite our local neighborhood to a free bar-b-q and fun day at our church. Our place is located right on Indian Lake, so the environment is “Summer Celebration ready.”  We hand delivered 500 invitations during one of our prior Sat. night services and about 150 people came to the outreach. We had games, face painting, great food and an amazing band. Our youth performed some powerful dances and skits that led the spirit of God right to people’s hearts. All this took place the day after we lost one of our dear 15 year old youth to suicide. Our youth meet with Calvary Worship Center’s youth. Toward the afternoon Bob Handley, (Calvary’s Youth Pastor)  gave a salvation message and 10 people responded.!!!  YA HOO  JESUS !! 

 This week end, (2 weeks later) we spent time with the local youth via a water ski day. 10 Kids came and skied with us for the afternoon. Several joined us that night for celebration and 4 people responded to the salvation message, one being the mom of one of the kids. Thank you Lord !!  We had a sleep over with more water skiing on Sunday. Too many miracles to list, but lots of opportunity to pray with the kids and parents during the day. 

I always say ” We gotta Pray before we Play”. I want them to know that God loves them outside of the church meeting. Playing, skiing , biking,…… whatever, the Lord is there with them.  They’re even starting to remind me.  Praise the Lord !! Get used where you flow, it’s great !!  

We Love you,

Lee Dematos

Sr Elder, Indian Lake Community Church