The Spirit of the Lord was ministering to everyone at the Youth Retreat this past weekend at Camp Ladore in Waymart, PA. I had the wonderful privilege of being there Sat night and Sunday morning and I can testify of the heart of these young people who have a genuine desire to serve the Lord. Lots of great worship time, impartation from each other and I had an opportunity to speak into their lives Sunday morning on fulfilling their destiny.

210 young people coming together to experience the presence of the Lord together. It was a wonderful time and it encouraged me tremendously seeing these young people sharing and testifying what the Lord was doing in their hearts over the weekend. Make sure you connect with one of these youth, if you can, to find out some of the things that the Lord did over the weekend. A special mention goes to DCW in Wilmington, OH for making the 12 hour drive to get there. Honorable mention goes to Agape, also in OH, for making the trip as well. Gotta love their committed youth leaders! – Ron Myer