I went to look at a fire repair job for my construction company to bid on. The couple that owned the property, who were in their later years, showed me the scope of work on this four family fire restoration. As they were showing me around, the man talked very loud and almost angrily toward me. I thought, do I even want this job, they’re mad before I even give them a price. I listened though, made my notes and left. I felt that I should at least bid on the job and maybe get an opportunity to share the Lord with them. 

 I met them a week later with the bid and they were even madder, louder and now insulting. I thought, “OK Lord am I out of here or what?”

As we got to the last apartment and the man was going over each line item on the bid. He stopped and said “What are you union or something?” I said “No, I have good, godly men that are professional and trust worthy working for me and I pay them well.” He replied “What are you, a minister or something?” I said “Yes.” He said with his loud, angry voice, “How did you get into that, and what does that mean any way?” 

I shared my testimony about getting saved and the changes that Jesus did in my life and this guy says, “I need that in my life” Longer story made short, I led him to the Lord, prayed for him to be healed in a specific area and the Lord healed Him right there. I got the Job, became great friends with them, and this Monday I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her to the Lord as well. He said he always worries and doesn’t have peace, so I cast a spirit out of him and then prayed for them both be filled with the Holy Spirit! He responded after being filled with the Holy Spirit,” I feel peace, for the first time I think ever, I feel Peace!! I feel like I just won the lottery. Hey, money can’t buy this kind of stuff! I feel great!”  

Then they both hugged me tight and she was crying.  All this took place in a 100 year old, burnt out four family apartment building that looked like a war zone. As they were leaving he said, “Now this is your real job isn’t it?” To which I replied,” Yes sir, telling people about the Lord is my real job.” I love doing my FATHERS work. – submitted by Lee Dematos