This morning I am sitting in a chair holding our two week old granddaughter, Hanna Grace. She is our sixteenth grandchild. I tried to tell her how much I love her but there is no way she is able to comprehend how deep my love is and to what extent I will go to prove that love to her over her lifetime. She can only interpret my love by feeling secure in my arms.


Her four year old sister Natalie has a better understanding of my love. She just came running over and ask, “Wanna play a game with me?” “I would love to!” was my reply. Four games later she knows grandpa loves her because I am willing to spend time with her.


It runs a good parallel to my relationship with Jesus. The problem is not in Him expressing His love for me, the problem lies in my ability to understand it. His love for me doesn’t grow the older I get, I just have a better understanding and ability to comprehend how deep that love really is. So our prayer is not, “Lord show me how much you love me!” Our prayer is, “Lord, help me comprehend how much you love me!”


When I can comprehend how much He loves me. It impacts my ability to freely love others.