Click bait – we are so aware of it in our daily lives of internet use. Stories blown out of proportion or stated in such a way that causes us to want to know more but when we get there we realize it isn’t near what we were expecting. “1.3 million cars lost every year” reads the headlines. Really, that is interesting. “Click” 1.3 million people forget where they park their cars and sometimes it takes up to 30 min for them to find them, new study shows. Hummm, Not exactly what I was expecting. Click bait!


How about the slide shows? See these never before seen pictures of the Titanic! Begin slide show…… as each little pic loads there is a plethora of ads and then three different slides with the description of what the pic is actually about with each page offering more ads, ads, ads. 15 minutes later you may have seen one pic you hadn’t seen before. What a waste.


How often does the enemy click bait your mind? I wonder what that person is thinking of me? What if your strategy doesn’t work out? What will you do if this happens? You read all the comments on your feed…. Your spouse is 15 min late and your mind begins to run wild. Car trouble, maybe they got pulled over, or worse, an accident, …… 15 min later you realize you haven’t done anything productive.  All click bait to take emotional energy and wasted time.


When encountering click bait in your mind do the same as you do when you encounter it on the internet. Don’t click it!!!