Don’t judge me! How often have we heard that statement said. My friend Jeremy said it best when he said, “People say don’t judge me but in reality, people are always wanting us to judge them. Some people buy certain clothes, purchase the latest cell phone, go on certain vacations, etc., all in hopes that people will judge them cool, part of the in-crowd to be envied by others.”


Usually when the phrase “don’t judge me” is used, it is when someone is trying to justify their actions or defend their position as it may be in a negative light.


If you really don’t want people to judge you, then it would seem congruent to also not feel pressured into doing certain things to gain their approval either.  Which in turn leads to an authenticity that is sometimes hard to find, but refreshing to experience. To be free of the judgement of others is to be free to be yourself and who God has created you to be and thus allowing Him to be the judge, which is where judgement really belongs.