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Today I would like to pause from our normal posting format to let you know about something that I think would be great for every church planter to attend. DOVE International is hosting a Elders and Church Leadership Seminar this coming November 23, 2019.

Not only will this be good for the primary church planter or leader to attend but it will be great to team members as well. You want to surround your team with as many voices saying the same things that you believe. Coming to a seminar like this is one of the best ways to do this. It helps for you to be able to debrief with your team about the topics that are shared. This is valuable as the burden of producing all of the content is not all on your shoulders. Attending training sessions like these can go a long way in helping to build healthy teams with the necessary components of like Vision, Values, Doctrine and Procedures. 

The topics covered will include:

  • The Need for Biblical Leadership
  • Qualifications for Eldership
  • Responsibilities of Elders
  • Understanding Fields of Ministry and New Testament Decision-Making
  • The Process of Choosing Elders
  • How Elders Function Together
  • Apostles, Elders, the Fivefold Ministry and Deacons
  • How Elders Stay Healthy
  • How Elders build Trust
  • The Elder as a Spiritual Father or Mother, Raising Sons and Daughters
  • Resolving Conflict and the Process of Discipline and Restoration
  • Passing the Eldership Tests


Check out the webpage in the link below for more details!

For more Information and to Register Click Here: Elders & Church Leadership Seminar

For more resources and to find out more visit: DOVE USA Church Planting

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