Leadership is about casting vison that can be turned into reality. If we were already experiencing it, it would not be vision. Vision is the place we want to go, the thing we want to pursue, the picture of what we want future reality to be. When we are casting vision, we are painting a picture of what reality can look like in the future and then inviting others into the process of seeing that painting become a real life experience.


When we keep vision to ourselves and try and accomplish it ourselves, it is a one brush painting. When we cast it to others and invite them into the vision, we invite ownership and many brushes to paint it into reality. In the field of art, a one brush painting may be a masterpiece, but it is a “still life” that others only get to look at it in its completion.


In everyday life, many brushes create a “real life experience” that brings the reward of bringing to life that which was just an idea, concept, or dream. It is the many brushes that bring fulfillment to the team as they all have a piece of the masterpiece. Much better to paint the masterpiece then to just behold it!


Paint a picture of what reality can be and invite other brushes into painting it. The masterpiece will not be one to look at but to experience.