What is God thinking? What are you thinking? There really shouldn’t be too much gap between the two.


Paul tells the Corinthian church that “….we have the mind of Christ.” I Cor 2:16. If I truly have the mind of Christ, then I really should be thinking His thoughts! About myself, about others, and about situations.


So, if what you are thinking isn’t drawing you closer to God and fulfilling His plan and purpose for your life, then what you are thinking can’t be God.


And, when you are faced with a the challenge and not sure how to proceed, remember, you have the mind of Christ. Maybe the first thing you need to do is stop, acknowledge that you have His mind, focus on Him and He will direct your steps! At least that is the way it works for me!


Christ desires to renew our mind so that we would think like Him and invite Him into our everyday thoughts and decisions!


Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel