I find that many times many people want everything to come together perfectly before they are willing to start something. They want the stars to align, four affirmations from others, all the finances in the bank, no resistance from others around them, and most importantly, they want all of their fears addressed, risks minimalized, and a sure guarantee of success.


All of those are fine and well if that happens to be the case but my experience is very few times does all of that come together, especially the last three. Those are almost never present in something worthwhile! There is always a level of fear, risks, and a genuine faith (lack of guaranteed success) needed at the launch. That being the case, what are you waiting on? Might as well get started. I am not for a moment saying take on something foolish, do something rash, or launch out in some crazy venture.


But if you have been sensing the Lord’s direction and have found yourself in a holding pattern, why not just get started. You have waited long enough and so have we! We need what He has put in your heart to do. So, get started. Help will come, things will come together but often those things happen when you are on the move!