So I am currently reading through the Old Testament (Old Covenant meaning old as in obsolete)  right now and if there is ever a time that I speed read through the Bible it is in these beginning books! But this morning a verse rang my spiritual bell and while I know it is very familiar to many of us, I wanted to draw you attention to it. It may be just for me, which I totally accept, however if it rings your spiritual bell like it did mine, good! Respond accordingly!


Here it is, Josh 3:5 And Joshua said to the people, “Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”  What struck me was the correlation to wonders being done and my need to give myself to it. Most people upon hearing the word sanctify think in  terms of cleaning up their lives and there is certainly an important reality to that. However, the definition I have used many times, and interestingly enough, the first one that came up,  was to set apart for a particular purpose! I like that. Spoke to me to take seriously what I have been set apart to do and give myself whole heartedly to that. When I do, I believe, the wonders will follow!


What have you been set apart to do? Give yourself to that and expect Him to back you up and release wonders around you! The world is watching. Don’t make us wait any longer!


Declaring Our Victory Emmanuel