Dale Mast writes this in his book, “The Throne of David” . “Surprises should never catch us by surprise – even though they will. We must rise above these “surprises” by continuing to dream with Him in the middle of a nightmare if we are to shift the earth!”


I bought this book in the beginning of December and had read a little over half way through it and stopped right before this chapter. Holy Spirit knew I wasn’t ready for it yet. Picked the book up yesterday and began to read where I had stopped months ago and this statement was on the third page!! Timed perfectly by Holy Spirit!


Today, we must rise above the nightmare that we are currently in and to do so, keep these two thoughts in mind. Jesus is still on the throne and the most powerful force in the universe, the Holy Spirit by name, is inside of us. Let’s continue to dream BIG with God! He is still moving and working. And He has a track record of bringing His dreams in to reality to those who trust Him and work with Him! A dream only becomes reality when you act on it and take steps to make it happen. Action is taking it out of the dream world and placing it in the now world!