There is a big difference between being a voice and an echo. An echo merely repeats what is already being said. Word for word, same intensity, same focus, same volume, same expectation, same outcome, same.. same… same… It is easy to echo what someone else says as there is no attachment to your thought process. You are merely stating what others have already stated. Easy, simple, but hollow.


A voice on the other hand is something totally different. It requires study, thought, deductive reasoning, in depth reflection, comparison reasoning, and most importantly your name attached to it. While you may arrive at the same conclusion and even align yourself with what someone else has already stated, the pathway there is of a different nature and because of that, your commitment to your statement and the integrity in which you state it is totally different. And your ability to defend your thoughts ramp up significantly.


Better to be a voice, filled with reason, commitment and integrity. Remember what is needed most for an echo to be really clear is an empty room. For this analogy, a mind. Better to think through, grapple with the challenges, struggle with the outcomes and then be a voice. We need clear voices! Echoes will always be around but it is the clear voice that provides the leadership!