Change! It means things will be different. How well we have experienced that in the last 2 months. One of the dynamics of change, and sometimes the hardest aspect of it, is that I need to let go of what was. While change does not mean a complete letting go of all that was, the part that reflects the change will be impacted by actions that the change brings. But to bring it about there is a letting go of what was.  


In any leadership style, I believe it is paramount to allow that style to be “sanctified” by the Lord. While every style carries with it positive traits, there are negative ones as well and allowing that style to be subjected to the work of the Holy Spirit (sanctified) removes the negative aspects so as to release more of the power and presence of God. It takes more than just acknowledging the need for letting go of the negative traits, change removes those negative traits.


Now the paramount question: “How to discern the negative traits?” I can venture to say that you can see the negative traits in others a lot better than you can see the ones in your own life. It is easy for us to see where others have a problem but a lot harder for us to see it in our own lives. Hence the need for others to speak into our lives.


Most times we see the problem in others as a bigger problem than they would see it in themselves. If that is a true experience on your part, wouldn’t it be probable that the same exist when you look at your own life. i.e. your problem is a lot bigger to others than it is to you. So, to better sanctify your gift and bring about needed change, you will need others to speak into your life.


Here is the best way I have found for getting others to speak into my life! Ask them! It might not be an easy conversation and may be challenging until you have a true desire to change, but after you practice it with a genuine heart, the change they speak of will become a reality to you and a lasting change for all!


Do you need to change? Can you change? The answer to both of those questions is YES! To paraphrase a scripture in James, wisdom is the ability to change. Give it your best shot. We are all looking forward to the lasting effects.