I have a precious friend who leads Breath of God, a DOVE Partner Church in Aberdeen, Maryland. I was on a video call with her and a number of other people discussing race and marginalization a few weeks ago. Dianne has a wonderful heart for the Kingdom and seeing people be all that the Lord has called them to be. At one point in the call she said this, “I am not your black sister. I am your sister!” That is a profound and accurate statement in that our relationship is the identifier not our external features.


If I came to your church, you would not introduce me as the balding Apostolic Leader of DOVE USA. You may introduce me as the leader of the USA apostolic team, and everyone will notice that I am losing my hair, but that is not my identifier. It is the way God has created me. As Dianne said, “I am a different color but that’s Daddy’s business. He made us different.”


I have great friend and brother Nate, who leads DOVE Church in Wilmington, Ohio. I introduce him as my friend Nate. I attached a pic of him praying for Bonnie and I. There are distinct differences between he and us, but that is not how I identify him! Did you notice how small I am? He is my friend and fellow laborer in Christ. His heart is even bigger than his size and I love talking and sharing life with him. He doesn’t introduce me as his little friend Ron. But when I am beside him, everyone notices how small I am. It is the way God has created me. I can’t add an inch to my frame any more than Nate can shrink his.


My friends Sammie and Grace in India, Ephraim and Jova in Uganda, Ibrahim and Diane in Kenya, Nick ad Liz in Scotland, Dirk and Hanneke in The Netherlands, all look and talk differently, but those things are not what identifies them for me. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ! Do I notice the differences? Yes! And I love the diversity that God placed upon the earth. There is so much that I can learn from every culture and every nationality! They are truly a wonderful blessing to me. Everyone’s life is precious to me!


We must uncover, expose, root out and deal with any and all areas of inequality that exists in our hearts and existence. Every culture, every color, and every person is equally important, valued, and precious in His sight! He shed His blood for all of us equally.


So, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 5:16 The world is watching us as we demonstrate the love of Christ and treat all as equals in the Kingdom of God! I love you and am so glad that you are different that I am. But that is not what identifies you! You are my sister and brother and my equal!