You are an influencer! Like it or not, as a leader your actions influence others, either for the good or for the less than good. What you determine to be important will become more important to others! What you deem insignificant will become less important to others.


Society around us is in turmoil! I have heard from a number of leaders that they are experiencing more divisiveness in their local church than they can ever remember. That speaks to the turmoil of life around us that is bleeding into your world as well. Your voice is a stabilizing voice that brings calm to the storm and clarity to the voices that are swirling all around us. People need to hear your heart and sense your passion and compassion for the world in which we live.


Your influence goes way beyond the four walls of the auditorium in which you speak. Your voice is multiplied by the number of people who hear you. As you influence them to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and stand for what is right, they will amplify your voice and the voice of the Holy Spirit with those in whom they come in contact with! So, always make sure you are calling people to a higher place in God and the power of His Word! His Word has impact, first on you, then on those you talk to, and then of those whom they minister to. The ripple effect as we call it. We need to have a fresh revelation on how impactful we as leaders in the Body of Christ really are!


When we realize our influence, it causes us to be mindful of what we say. It will be repeated and it will have an impact! Impact for the positive!