Yes, it makes a difference! Sometimes we fall into the trap of seemingly insignificance. My thoughts really don’t count, my opinion does carry any weight, my passion really isn’t important in the long range scheme of things. Nothing can be further from the truth. Your thoughts do count, your opinion carries a lot of weight, and your passions are extremely important. Don’t let the little voice inside your head belittle you into silence! Your voice does make a difference and teach your people the same!


One of the values I carry as a team leader is that at the end of any given meeting, I want the team to leave empty.  Empty of thoughts, ideas, options or insights to the topics at hand! I want them shared on the team level so the team has all the information so that we might arrive at the full counsel of God. I am not giving a license to verbal processors to take up large chunks of time by processing everything verbally, but I am unequivocally stating that I want to know what you are thinking, sensing, and yes, even feeling. The team needs to know!


I have been in meetings where I was convinced and the team was heavily focused in one direction and then in comes this one thought, idea or concept that totally changed our perspective and took us to a different conclusion. Had that one individual swallowed the “insignificant pill” we would have all missed out and made a less impactful decision.


So speak up! In silencing the little voice that is trying to silence you, you will make a difference. That is our desire anyway. To make a difference! Own it!