Interruptions! Life’s interruptions are most times considered a nuisance! I could accomplish so much more without them. Even the term qualifies itself as something that stops me from doing what I was doing, heading in a direction I was heading, on toward a goal that I was pursuing, focusing on or trying to accomplish. The implication and the reality is that often times the interruption takes on the form as something seemingly more important, whether it is or not. Otherwise it wouldn’t interrupt us.


Sometimes life’s interruptions carry in them the building blocks for the future. David was interrupted by the lion and on another occasion a bear. Considerable interruptions that I am sure he didn’t think at the time were cool and welcomed. They were a major distraction and interruption to what he was attempting to do that day. Little did he realize both of these interruptions were building blocks for his future encounter with Goliath.


Moses was interrupted on his stroll in the desert by a flaming bush that refused to be consumed. It was only after he allowed himself to focus on the interruption, “I will turn aside and see this thing great sight why this bush does not burn.” Ex 3:3 that he fully realized the purpose of it. Out of that little interruption he received his lifetime call!


Some of my greatest encounters have taken place in what would normally qualify as an interruption. Next time you encounter one of these nuisances, think outside the box….. could this be a building block for the future….. or maybe in the midst of this I will receive an assignment. Both very possible and positive outcomes to a seemingly frustrating situation. When you embrace interruptions as something that could potentially be positive they don’t seem to be a nuisance at all, but maybe even more of a welcomed occurrence.