Not too long ago one of our grandsons turned 7. His dad, our son, showed him a picture of himself when he was seven years old. Our grandson looked at it thoughtfully and said, “Dad, when did you take this picture of me? I don’t remember it?” “No, this is a picture of me when I was your age”, our son replied. “No Dad, this is me. When did you take it? I don’t remember you taking it but I know this is me!” Our grandson could not believe the picture he was staring at was in fact not a picture of himself, but a picture of his dad when he was his age.


Who do you look like? I am not really referring to physical traits but who are you trying to emulate in everyday life? In other words, who has had the kind of impact on your life that your actions, values, and “way of doing things” are because of their influence in your life? I am so grateful to the Lord for amazing leaders who have poured into me in multiple ways. Leaders in both the church world and marketplace that have helped to shape me into the individual I am today! I have learned so much from them as I have observed, asked questions, sought counsel, and then adopted change into “my way of doing things”. I am a reflection of those I have sought out.  


While you don’t get to choose who your will look like physically, that is left up to your DNA. You do get to choose who will have the most impact on your everyday life. Choose carefully!