I remember one of Ron Myer’s blog posts from 2019. It was titled “The God Factor.” Here is a snippet from that post:

“In life’s many challenges, sometimes we forget the God factor. I call it the God factor because it is God showing up in the middle of life’s situations and doing the seemingly impossible. One of the many things I have learned in my walk with Jesus is that the impossible is not nearly as impossible as I think it is. He makes all things possible!

If that is true for us as individuals, then it is also true for churches.

In the same way that God can save anyone, God can also save any church!

We have all experienced a year like never before… 2020. We have heard of church closures, both temporary and permanent. Some leaders are worried. Others are growing weary due to stress and financial uncertainty.

Remember – with Jesus, the impossible is not as near as impossible as we may think. This is not the time to let negative self-talk or or a defeatist mentality to persuade you to give up.

Two words that change everything!

Testimonies are beautiful narratives of the goodness of God. Some of the most inspirational have 2 words that make all the difference – “but God.” Those are breakthrough words! Those are words that express a turnaround!

Whatever situation you find your church, understand a couple things:

  • Your church is actually God’s church. He wants it to be healthy and accomplishing His mission even more than you do.
  • He is orchestrating something beautiful in the midst of the messy. He is present and active even when we do not realize it. Don’t lose heart! He is with you
  • Prepare for the ‘but God” moment! Set your heart and mind to mission and vision for the church. Listen and obey God as He directs your steps.

I am believing for great things to happen in existing churches.

Renewal is possible.

Revitalization is possible.

Healthy, thriving churches are not just a memory of days past.

Churches that plant churches is not only possible but will become the norm.


Because of the God factor.