2020 has proved to be a very challenging year in that there were many twists and turns throughout the year that caught all of us unprepared. We were placed into situations and forced to make decisions on things that we had no control over. The opportunity to allow fear, anxiety or confusion to come into our lives was an ever present option and we had to make a conscious decision at times to walk in faith and peace. But our God was able and we came through! It is hard to believe that 2020 is almost completely in our rear view mirrors.


Throughout the year was have had numerous obstacles, major decisions to make, changing circumstances, new decisions to be made in light of the changed circumstances, and then a whole new set of decisions that needed to be made. Each of us have learned valuable lessons about ourselves, other Christians and most importantly the Kingdom of God and how it continues to function under challenging circumstances. I think the challenges that manifested only proved to show the opportunities that were available that we had not seen before.


I think my go to phrase this year was simply, “We’ll figure it out!” That phase has brought me tremendous peace in that whether it was a virus, planned events closed, my mother going to be with Jesus, staff changes, my Dad going to be with Jesus, more events closed down, vision start-ups, more decisions that needed to be made, in light is this what do we need to do, etc. etc.


“We’ll figure it out” in not an arrogant statement based on our own wisdom but taking into account God’s grace. He provides all the wisdom we need when we need it. The statement itself is a faith statement and faith builder. We’ll figure it out speaks to the future, yes there is one! It speaks of confidence, yes we can make it through! And most importantly declares that “we’ is more than I, He will come alongside us and give us what we need to make the decision we need to make to go through this! I can honestly and equivocally say, He always provided wisdom and grace and we did figure it out.


I am sure that 2021 will carry its own set of circumstances and challenges but you know what? We’ll figure it out! I am confident of it, not because of me, but because He is watching out for us!