Bonnie and I watched an excellent movie last night. It took place in arid CA and the main character, new to the area, went to an all-purpose store and asked the owner what kind of plants grew in this hot dry climate. The owner said, “You don’t want a plant. The ground is too dry and the sun too hot. You want a tree.” He then brought a little sapling to the counter and said, “You plant this now and five years from now you will have a beautiful shaded yard and then you can plant some plants and they will survive.” The star of the movie said, “Five years? I don’t think so!” He needed the shade now and didn’t want to wait five years to get it.


What do you need five years from now? Four years? Two years? Next year? Whatever it is, it would be good to start planting it right now because there is always a growth process. Some things provide an instant return but most things take time to take root, grow and mature into what you desire. Now is a great time to plant. A tree if you need shade. Friendship if you are looking for support. Serve others if you are looking for help. Whatever you need in the future plant in like kind now! Get your hands dirty. Time is of the essence!