Integrity! One aspect of integrity is just being there and doing what I said I would do. Consistently!


  • I like my diesel Jetta – starts every time and purrs as I roll down the highway – consistently!
  • I like my Think Pad – boots every time and runs the small amount of programs that I use – consistently!
  • I like my Yamaha V Star – rumbles down the road and always delivers an enjoyable ride – consistently!
  • I love my colleagues – they show up day after day – do outstanding work – contribute to the team – consistently!
  • I love Bonnie – she is always there for me – always believes in me – always loves me – consistently!


My goal is to have the integrity to do the things I said I would do! Day after day – consistently.


Jesus set the standard.  Heb 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now that is integrity!