What do I bring to the table. Here are some of the clichés and play on words I have heard over the years:


  • Am I  a faucet or a drain?
  • Do I add to others or subtract from others?
  • When people leave me are they refreshed or do they feel depleted?
  • Do I add value to others or get my value from others?
  • Am I a bottle neck or a funnel?
    • To clarify: A bottle neck slows things down, a funnel (think jet engine) provides power for forward movement.
  • Am I a vacuum or an air compressor?
  • Do people naturally gravitate toward me or migrate away from me?
  • Do I focus on making my presence felt or my absence known?
  • When my praises are sung, who has the loudest voice? Myself or others?


I think we all know the best answers to all of these? The goal is to do it effectively and in a manner that causes people to make room for a seat at the table even if all the chairs are already taken!