Integrity of speech is so important in the culture in which we live, any culture for that matter. Just show up like you said you would and do what you committed to do. It really isn’t that hard, it just takes commitment and follow though, making your own words the bottom line of your actions. Commitment to integrity, honesty, and follow though. No broken promises, no unfulfilled commitments, no lack of integrity.  Enough said!  


The other option is to look for a way out, a compromise, an adjustment to what I really communicated, a slight shift to what I really said. I put a “spin” on what was really communicated to better suit my current situation. Well, I didn’t really mean that….  Or, you misunderstood me because…..


While we all have communicated things we didn’t mean and have been misunderstood at times, at least I certainly have, we need to allow for and provide grace to others as it is extended to us. But we need to guard against the temptation to put a “spin” on things to protect ourselves.


I like the straightforward way The Message  translates Jesus speaking to the multitudes when He says in Matt 5:37 Just say ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ When you manipulate words to get your own way, you go wrong.


While we can overlook a “spin” once in a while, too much spinning will make those around you dizzy and they will look for a way to get off the ride. Better to provide the stability of clear communication and follow through.