Speed of processing!


As a leader you are responsible for everything within your field of ministry. Sometimes emotionally it may feel like there is a huge funnel feeding all the information into you and everyone is expecting you to provide the wisdom, insight, and final decisions on everything.


How you handle that reality will determine whether you become a preverbal “bottleneck” or “choke point” slowing everything down until you can process it yourself dragging things out for hours, days, on some occasions even weeks, and on rare occasions even years until you feel it is exactly the right time or your schedule will allow you to give your thought processes the right amount of time so that you can make the best decision.


Better to surround yourself with others who can provide the fuel to the process so that the preverbal “bottleneck” or “choke point”  in effect begins to function like a jet engine. Lots of information coming in but ignited by the fuel of engagement of those on your team that produces a forward thrust that you could never achieve by yourself. The key is to see the others around you as the fuel needed to ignite the vision, dream, initiative, or decision that is in front of you.


Bottle neck or jet? Both can be constrictive, but one scenario adds the fuel of others that increases the speed in which decisions are made and the velocity in which the organization moves forward. The difference is the fuel and the decision making process. There is always fuel around you, it just needs to be ignited.


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