I am sure you have heard this quote or something like this one over the years, “Today is the best day to start something new!”


The difference is between the dreamers and the initiators. The “one day” or “someday” dreamers are excellent people to encourage us in the possibilities that the future holds for us. The Bible paints a clear picture of what the world will look like someday so I am not here to lessen the importance of dreamers and the important role they play on the macro view of things!


While the Bible speaks of a very clear and distinctive future, Rev 21 “All Things Made New”, it also speaks to the here and now 2 Cor 6:2….. Indeed, the “right time” is now. Today is the day of salvation. Pretty clear that you cannot be part of “One day” with initiating the “Day 1” clause.


So go ahead and dream! It is beautiful, powerful and heart stirring. But let this settle in your heart of hearts. Your “One Day” will never materialize until you start with “Day 1”. Go ahead and dream. Just don’t be afraid to initiate or “One Day” will continue to remain “Someday” and never become reality. Why not make today, Day 1. You know you need to do it. Just start! You’ve been dreaming about it long enough!