Starting a life-giving church has never been easy. The season we find ourselves has magnified two things:

  • Planting churches in these turbulent times comes with some unique challenges.
  • The world needs Jesus more than ever and the Great Commission still needs to be fulfilled.


Can we still plant effective, life-changing churches? 

The quick answer: Absolutely!

While much has changed since 2020, many of the elements needed to plant healthy churches have remained the same. The need for a primary vision carrier, a faithful core team, and a heart for the people of a certain area has remained consistent.

The training aspect of the launch team may look different. There are so many online resources, this may be an area in which you could embrace the mantra of working smarter rather than harder. 


Communication is key!

Embrace technology because it’s here to stay and can be used for maximum effectiveness. Find an app that is easy to use and stick with it. I personally use Microsoft Teams. There are so many features on this cloud-based app that will help you share files, do group messaging as well as private chats.

Meetings can also be done through several online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Outward versus Inward

Churches that were planted during the past 2 years have shown us the importance of constant, intentional outreach efforts. All churches should be outward-focused! Yes, we are called to make disciples, but instead of only focusing on the needs of church members, we need to look at reaching those in our community who are far from Christ.  This is not an “either-or” scenario but a “yes and” necessity. We can be outward focused at the same time make disciples of those who are members of the local church.

You are only limited to your imagination when it comes to serving your community. Think along the lines of servant evangelism – showing the love of  Jesus in practical ways. 

Now, more than ever, we need to set our eyes outward. We also know that the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Let’s pray and then go!


The Opportunity that Difficult Times Present

God is still working mightily within the USA and around the world. We are seeing breakthroughs and healthy churches growing at a steady pace. I believe the reason, at least in part, is that when people are faced with difficulties and challenges, they become more open to faith.  

People seem to have an openness regarding spiritual matters. I have been asked more about the Book of Revelation during the past year as compared to the prior 20 years I have been in ministry.

People are curious and have questions.

Are we ready to give an answer and dialogue?