There probably isn’t anyone, or very few people, in your congregation that doesn’t have a cell phone. I purchased my first one around 1988 for $650. It seemed to be an outrageous price for a phone back then, but it was cutting edge technology and I felt it would be extremely beneficial to Bonnie and I. I had just planted the church the year before and the business I was stepping out of was one where I was available to her at any time via short wave radio. Moving to a new role meant that I had limited availability to when I was actually in the office, which was not the majority of the time. So, I was an early adaptor to the cell phone world which we all take for granted in today’s environment.


Over the years many people resisted getting a cell phone, whereas today it is almost unheard of. Everyone has one and most spend way too much time on one, but that is a subject for another day. Maybe you were one of those who resisted change and waited for years to adapt to the new and upcoming change in communication. For those of us who were already there, we knew it was only a matter of time until you caught up. So the real question isn’t whether you will adjust to the new, the real question is how fast you will adapt to the change? Will you be a pioneer or a late adapter.


The same question can be asked of Spiritual things. While the message of the Gospel never changes, the methodology may adjust from time to time. We know the Lord is always working, it is up to us to adapt to what He is doing in our midst and run with that. Be a pioneer in Spiritual things. You are going to end up there, you may as well be early!