We all know that volunteering is a great opportunity for people to get involved in the local church. We also know, it can be a wonderful experience and will go a long way to make folks feel part of something much bigger than themselves. Relationships are made and soon, the church is more like a family, and a community of people in process who just so happen to love Jesus.

However, for a variety of reasons, not everyone will volunteer within the local church. I believe that culture sets the tone for just about everything. The truth is – You multiply that which you honor and celebrate. You magnify the things you hold as a core value. If you desire a volunteer culture, you will need to say it often, model it personally and celebrate it every chance you get.


Here are a few tips to help to develop a volunteer culture to enhance your local church’s unity and impact.


Make Volunteer Opportunities Clearly Visible and Easily accessible

  • The pastor or communicator should speak about it from the “pulpit”. Be sure and give specific directions on what to do and who to contact for more information.
  • Believe for God to send volunteers.
  • God blesses preparedness so be ready with a job description that includes a list of key responsibilities.
  • Be ready to provide sufficient training to those who volunteer. A high-caliber person will not stay around long if the ministry area is not organized especially in the area of training.
  • If applicable, provide a noticeable “Volunteer” header in your website’s navigation menu.
  • Volunteer opportunities should be included in your church bulletin (paper or digital form) as well as somewhere on your website.
  • Prepare signup forms in a designated place of the church and provide instructions on how to submit them. (paper or digital)


Keep Volunteers Engaged

Proper communication and engagement with volunteers are important to build a strong team of church volunteers.

  • Always show appreciation. (Appreciation is the currency for volunteers)
  • Provide feedback for improvements
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Throw a celebration dinner or a small gratitude event
  • Feature volunteer spotlights
  • Host fun and engaging team buildings

Volunteer recruitment can be challenging if not done right. Make this cultural shift. Honor those who serve amongst the church body.